Recent Projects

Transferring Heerema H406 barge

Manora Logistics arranged the transfer of the Heerema H406 barge, inside the port of Antwerp. Here we will support the ongoing works at the terminal, and in the course of next week the barge will sail to the Iberdrola project in the Baltic Sea.

Just in Time Deliveries from Poland to US

Over the last few months, our offices in Belgium and US have been busy with transports for 2 of the first US offshore windfarms under construction.
Together with our partners in Poland, we have been shipping 40ft containers with secondary steel components from the factory via Bremerhaven in Germany to the USA.
Locally our colleagues in Virginia take over, and deliver all parts just in time to ProvPort. Every week some 6 x 40ft containers.
A total of 77 offshore windfarm foundations are currently under construction, and the windfarms should be fully operational by 2025, providing clean energy to thousands of families and providing jobs to thousands more.

Hollandse Kust Noord Topside

Transport of the 3500 ton weighing HKN Topside from Hoboken to IJmuiden on the Sarens barge Louis, and towed by the Multratug 20 and 18. After a few days waiting for a favourable weather window, we brought the towing spread next to DEME’s installation vessel Orion, who successfully installed it.
Arranging equipment, anchoring, engineering and documentation scope !

Fecamp Offshore Windfarm topside to Cherbourg-En-Cotentin

Transport of Fecamp Offshore Windfarm topside from Saint Nazaire to the interim storage port in Cherbourg-En-Cotentin. Delivery a few days later offshore, supported by tugs Fairplay 27 and Multratug 20 on the barge UR902. Complete transport spread, engineering and documentation organised by Manora Logistics

48 voyages to the Maasvlakte to deliver Doggerbank Transition pieces

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm, at the Northeast Coast of the UK, is scheduled to become the largest offshore wind farm in the world, with an installed power of 3.6 GW, or sufficient for 6 million homes.

With a unit weight of 550 ton, a challenging job to get 4 units of transition pieces safely loaded vertically and transported. First deliveries successfully completed, a total of 48 trips to go in the next months.

We are very pleased that we continue making, as Manora Logistics, a small contribution to an emission free world. Therefore we are proud to advice that as a joint decision between our customer, partners and Manora, all transports are being executed using Biofuel, reducing emissions for the entire transport scope of phase A and B by about 250.000 kg CO2. Another step in the journey towards Net Zero.

Transport of cradle and FIA from Middle East to Europe

Manora arranged the transport of a cradle and FIA for one the largest offshore installation vessels from Jebel Ali to Rostock in Germany. The cradle, weighing 800 ton and measuring 23 x 11 x 22 meters has the dimensions on a small apartment building, and the FIA, at 500 ton and 25 x 11 x 13 meters is hardly smaller. All units were loaded using a 2000 ton sheerleg in Jebel Ali, and also offloaded using a sheerleg. All equipment will soon be installed on the offshore vessel, to commence the monopile installation campaign of a new offshore windfarm ! A challenging job, even for Manora and it’s partners.

4 large piles from Spain to The Netherlands

Transport of the piles for the Courseulles-Sur-Mer Offshore Windfarm from Sevilla to Vlissingen. 4 units, each 179 ton. Engineering, grillage, seafastening, transport and offloading in Vlissingen.

3 sections for the first monopile in USA

Transport of 3 monopile sections from Germany to the US. Each section has a length between 20 and 27 meter, a diameter of 8,1 meter and weighs between 292 and 322 ton. Manora was in charge of design of grillage and sea fastening, and transport to the USA inclu local assistance to the receivers.

Transport of concrete prefab segments

Handling in the port of Antwerp, transport to Denmark, and scheduled delivery by truck to the site close to Copenhagen, of 88 prefabricated concrete elements. Final destination is a greenfield project, the construction of one of the largest datacenters in Europe.

100 ton blade root rack

Transport of Blade Root Rack of 100 ton and some further frames from Saint Nazaire to Oostende. Manora in charge of transport, engineering and (challenging) lashing and securing ! Great cooperation with all parties involved.

8 steel Frames

5 x 40ft HC and 8 units steel frames, all components for a new Furnace in Russia.

Loading inland China, transport overland to Taicang, shipment by breakbulk vessel to Antwerp. Transshipment in Antwerp and delivery to St Petersburg by coastal vessel.

New office in South Africa

Introducing with great pleasure and pride our newly formed company in Cape Town, South Africa, Manora SA (Pty) Ltd. We have just moved to new offices, and new colleagues are joining to handle the increased volumes and exciting new customers. Well done Cape Town team, we appreciate the continuous hard work despite difficult Covid circumstances. And thanks to all existing and new customers to provide us with the opportunity to service you !

Shiploader on the move

Manora transported two bulk shiploaders from the UK back to Belgium, where these will be refurbished and used in a new project. Despite the availability crunch of trucks in the UK, we still succeeded with our partners in the UK to pick up and deliver all cargo in time !

Heavy Anvil Plates for Europe

Manora transported 2 Anvil plates, each 6,5 meters in diameter and 215 ton unit weight from Muroran, Japan. Both plates were first shipped to Korea, where they have been transhipped by our local partners. One plate to Nansha, China, where the plate was offloaded using a floating crane, into barge for final delivery into China. The second plate was transported to Europe, again for final delivery to the factory, using a inland barge and a large shorecrane. Both units will be used in the production of offshore hammers.

Manora, together with local partners in Asia proposed an ‘out of the box’ solution to the customer, overcoming current shipping difficulties.

Transporting equipment to Scotland

Transport of a cutter and small tug, with some spudpoles and other equipment to Inverness, Scotland. Great cooperation with owner and crew, as well as the stevedores loading and discharging the vessel.

Jacket and topisde for Saint Nazaire Offshore Windfarm

Over the last week, Manora Logistics transported, using pontoons and tugs, the 1400 ton jacket and the 2100 ton topside, constructed by Chantiers de l’Atlantique for the Saint Nazaire windfarm to the offshore field. Delivered alongside the vessel Pioneering Spirit, Allseas successfully installed the OSS. Great cooperation with all involved again.

Transport of a cable rell

How to ship a 22 ton and 6,15 meter cable reel from inland South Korea to Europe ? Loading on truck, via pontoon to Masan, to load on roro vessel for delivery few weeks later to our European customer.

Steel Decks e Spain

Transport of 5 large steel decks and other steel components from Spain to Belgium. All components will be used in the production of an offshore substation. A challenging job to get all cargo safely loaded and discharged. Manora in charge of transport, engineering, lashing and securing.

Transporting Anode Cages

Transport 40 Anode cages with a diameter of 10,4 meters for offshore windfarm in 4 single trips each 10 units.

Transition pieces for Taiwan

Loading of transition pieces, each weighing some 425 ton, and transporting to Flushing the Netherlands, where the units will be loaded on 5 vessels of Spliethoff and Jumbo in the coming months, for transport to Taiwan for a new offshore windfarm.

Loadout and transport of upper jackets parts from Spain to UK

The upper jackets, with approximate dimensions of 20 x 21 meter and 29 meter height, and weighing each 410 ton were loaded onto the vessel mv Aura in Cadiz, Spain, using an overhead crane, and safely landed and sea-fastened on a specifically designed grillage welded on deck of the vessel. The vessel thereafter sailed to Newcastle in the UK, were the units will be offloaded and further finished to be used in a UK Offshore windfarm.

A total of 10 similar trips will be performed, total 20 units of jackets to be transported in approx. 150 days time.