Recent Projects

Transport of anode cages to various destinations

Currently Manora Logistics is arranging 6 trips with 12 upto 18 anode cages, as inland navigation in Belgium and The Netherlands. The barge Loma is loading the cages in Tessenderlo, calling for deliveries at Middelburg, Moerdijk and Rotterdam within 5 days, after which we return to Tessenderlo for loading. Many thanks to all involved.

Transport of primary steel for offshore industry

We are currently transporting 29 semi finished transition pieces from Rostock to Aalborg and Antwerp. 10 voyages with mv Northern Rock, each loaded with 3 TPs, each about 330 ton heavy, 33 m length and 6,8 m diameter. 2 trips completed successfully, and the third one now underway. An excellent cooperation with customer and vessel owner, as well as all other parties involved!

Kriegers Flak Transition Pieces

Manora Logistics organized the transport of two Transition Pieces for The Kriegers Flak project. The units were loaded in Antwerp, onto a pontoon. The heaviest section of about 650 ton was loaded with Matador 3. A few days later, the cargo was delivered to Oostende, were the units have been transferred transferred and installed onto a BOA Barge, using Matador 3 again. Manora Logistics was in charge of the transport from Hoboken to Oostende of these units.

Urgent cargo from Germany to Russia

Urgent transport of 23 units, maximum 32 ton, and max 3,6 meters wide from Volklingen, Germany, via road to Antwerp, for loading on 22 units MAFI trailers of Transfennica, overseas transport to St Petersburg and onward delivery, again by truck, to the customer in Russia, the Friday before Christmas. Just in Time delivery, so everyone could enjoy Christmas with the family. Many thanks to our partner in Russia, who asked us to arrange these deliveries on his behalf !

Material for a new wind farm

Manora organized the transport of  two Transition Pieces for a large new windfarm, from Hoboken to Oostende, both in Belgium. The heaviest section of about 650 ton was loaded with Matador 3. In the coming days we will sail with the pontoon to Oostende, were the units will be transferred and installed using Matador 3 again.