48 voyages to the Maasvlakte to deliver Doggerbank Transition pieces

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm, at the Northeast Coast of the UK, is scheduled to become the largest offshore wind farm in the world, with an installed power of 3.6 GW, or sufficient for 6 million homes.

With a unit weight of 550 ton, a challenging job to get 4 units of transition pieces safely loaded vertically and transported. First deliveries successfully completed, a total of 48 trips to go in the next months.

We are very pleased that we continue making, as Manora Logistics, a small contribution to an emission free world. Therefore we are proud to advice that as a joint decision between our customer, partners and Manora, all transports are being executed using Biofuel, reducing emissions for the entire transport scope of phase A and B by about 250.000 kg CO2. Another step in the journey towards Net Zero.