Recent Projects

Offshore equipment to Rotterdam

Manora loaded at the Saipem Yard in Mekjarvik, Norway, 26 units offshore equipment, the largest one 5 meters high, the heaviest one 30 ton. These were trucked, loaded and shipped to Rotterdam, where we delivered all the different units to several locations in the Benelux by truck again. Many thanks for good cooperation with all parties involved

Transport of OHVS for largest Belgian Windfarm

Manora Logistics was in charge of the transport of the OHVS for the Norther Field Windfarm, off the Belgian coast. We arranged tugs, pontoons and documentation, and coordinated the shipment with the various parties involved.

Shipping of dredge pipes

Manora transported by truck from the customer yard, stuffed and shipped total 12 containers with dredging pipes for the UAE. A couple more similar shipments to go in next weeks

Delivery of Transition Pieces to Nordenham

A total of 32 transition pieces, each 260 ton, are being delivered by Manora Logistics to Nordenham in Germany. Two Peak B type vessels have been chartered, and they will shuttle 16 trips to deliver all units to the terminal, after which they will be installed in the coming weeks
on the Trianel Borkum West II Windfarm. Once the 32 x 6.2 MW turbines are operational, they will deliver sufficient electricity for over 140.000 families.

Transport of 4500 ton Topside for Hohe See

Manora Logistics organized the transport, on the barge Paula, of the Hohe See Topside, from The Hoboken site to the offshore windfarm. With 4.500 ton total weight, and 55 meters length x 30 meters height, the largest component ever transported by Manora. After arriving at the interim storage location at Eemshaven, awaiting a favorable weather window, we took the cargo offshore for installation by HMC and their Crane Vessel Thialf. Proud to see such a high tech cargo, entirely manufactured in Belgium, passing over the Scheldt, with the Antwerp Cathedral and a cruise vessel in the background !