Recent Projects

Seafastening grillage transports

Transport of 23 units sea fastening from Szcecin, Poland to Rotterdam on mv Peak Bilbao, and loading onto installation vessel Vole Au Vent, which will be used for the CVOW project offshore Virginia, US.

Transition pieces for Taiwan

Transport of total 40 black steel TP of each 400 ton from Germany to Belgium in 14 voyages with Northern Rock and Arctic Rock. After completion of the TP’s, we will transport them to Flushing for onward delivery to a new windfarm in Taiwan.

Manora organized the transports, equipment and documentation.

Equipment for a offshore wind farm

Manora arranged the loading and transport of seafastening equipment in Poland, for a new windfarm in the North Sea on board mv Peak Belfast. 8 large components in total were transported. All cargo was safely delivered to Flushing.


Straddle Carriers transport

Manora transported 14 second hand straddle carriers from HHLA Hamburg to Vlaardingen in The Netherlands, using a combination of pontoon and tugs.

Transport of one of the largest land based cranes to Argentia

Over the last three months, Manora handled the transport of a large volume of project and crane equipment from Houston and Rotterdam to Argentia in Canada. The cargo, shipped in 19 different batches, using over 170 containers together with breakbulk shipments, will form a massive crane, one of the largest land-based cranes in the world. The crane will be used to safely and efficiently install fully assembled interior components at the West White Rose Project in Argentia

48 ton E Motor

Transport of an Electric Motor of 48 ton from Europe, including all the precarriages and handling, and shipping to Dalian, China on board the M/V “COSCO SHIPPING CAPRICORN”. Great cooperation with COSCO Special Traffic & Project Department.

Schottel on a containervessel

Transport of one unpacked Azipod (Schottel) of 65.700 kg from vessel into barge and loading thereafter onto containervessel ms Edith Maersk in Hamburg for transport to Guayaquil.

Offshore steel structures from Poland to Belgium

Manora loaded 15 units of steel structures for an offshore windfarm in Szczecin, Poland on board mv PEAK BILBAO, for discharge at Landskrona and Ostend, followed a few days later by a second vessel for discharge in Rotterdam.

Steel to Cadiz and Sevilla

Loading of full vessel in Antwerp with steel, for an Europen offshore wind farm project, to Spain. We started loading with rain in the morning, and ended under a beautiful blue sky. A few days later the cargo was safely delivered to Cadiz and Sevilla.

Transport of on offshore gripper frame

Manora Logistics transported a Gripper Frame from Szczecin, Poland to the Damen Yard in Rotterdam. The piece weighed 150 ton, and was approx 27 x 21 x 12,5 meters. After loading and skidding on board, the convoy departed under a beautiful blue sky, and the cargo was safely delivered a few days later. Great cooperation with the clients and all partners involved !

7 meter pieces to Gdansk

Ever seen 7 meter wide pieces on a flat rack ? Manora is shipping 45 x 40ft HC containers and 3 x 40ft flat rack with 7 meter wide pieces from Ex Works Dubai upto delivered Gdansk. The vessel Express Athens transported all units to Gdynia where the cargo was transhipped for final delivery to Gdansk.

Almost 100 containers project equipment to Poland

Manora organized the stuffing and transport of 89 x 40ft containers with pipes and equipment in Dubai, in two separate lots. The shipment was delivered to Gdynia, where the materialarrived, was devanned by us, and all the equipment delivered to Gdansk on site.

Impressive transport of two large leg frames

Transport of 2 mid section leg frames 47,325 x 8,7 x 7,8 meters and 500 ton from Ras Al Khaimah to Rotterdam with Jumbo. Cargo brought alongside using SPMT, loading on board with the cranes of the vessel. Offloading done by receivers using the cranes of the shipyard.

Survey Launch on the go

Transport of a survey launch 18,5 x 5,5 x 6 meters – 34 ton from Jebel Ali to Nouakchott via Tangier with CMA-CGM!

Two transports of heavy pumps

The first transport consisted of a 47,5 ton pump, 4,5 x 3,5 x 4,5 meters from Kinderdijk in The Netherlands, by barge to Antwerp, for transport on vessel ms “QIAN KUN” to Singapore.

A few weeks later we loaded another 2 dredging pumps, one of 125 ton and one of 150 ton, again onto a pontoon, transhipped the units on Chipolbrok CP SUN for shipment to Shanghai, after which we delivered the pumps to the shipyard in Dalian.

Transport of a tugboat

Manora logistics shipped a 73ton tugboat from Batam via Singapore to Vung Tau. Delivered on a pontoon in Singapore, transhipment onto coastal vessel, and tandem lift in Vietnam with 2 shore cranes for discharge in the water.

Steel sections for Windfarm in the UK

Manora transported large steel sections from Rotterdam to Ireland. The first unit of 460 ton steel was loaded at Rotterdam over a weekend. It was a challenging operation since the cargo was coated and had no fixed lashing points. But job completed and vessel Peak Breskens delivered the cargo safely. The week after the operation was repeated with Peak Bordeaux.

Gottwald Cranes between terminals

Manora was in charge of the relocation of 2 Gottwald Cranes, one from Zeebrugge to Antwerp with a weight of +500 ton, immediately followed by another one + 400 ton from Antwerp to Rotterdam. Together with our partners we were in charge of the full scope of the transport.

Transport of backhoe dredging equipment

Manora arranged the transport of a new Liebherr P995 pontoon excavator from Antwerp to Willemstad on Spliethoff’s mv Dynamogracht. The heaviest piece, the main body, weighing 127 ton was loaded with the 2 Liebherr mobile shore cranes of Nova Natie ! Thanks everyone for excellent cooperation!

Pipes and hoses off to Tema

For one of our regular customers, we loaded 7167 cbm of cargo, consisting mainly of pipes and floating hoses in Cotonou, Benin which were a few days later discharged at Tema. Manora arranged vessel, including loading and discharging operations.

Tugboat on the move in Asia

Manora executed a shipment of a 73ton tugboat from Batam via Singapore to Vung Tau. Delivered on a pontoon in Singapore, transhipment onto coastal vessel using a floating crane, and tandem lift in Vietnam with 2 shore cranes for discharge in the water.

Transport of sections for a new concept of windfarm foundations to the UK

In three separate shipments we loaded first 2 bottom shafts, each approx 8,5 meter in diameter, later followed by two shipments of coated top sections, of which the heaviest unit weighed 457 ton, from the Netherlands to Ireland. After loading, lashing and securing the cargo in the port of Rotterdam, the vessels sailed for Belfast, where all pieces have been discharged at a private terminal, and used in a innovative windfarm project !

Offshore equipment to Rotterdam

Manora loaded at the Saipem Yard in Mekjarvik, Norway, 26 units offshore equipment, the largest one 5 meters high, the heaviest one 30 ton. These were trucked, loaded and shipped to Rotterdam, where we delivered all the different units to several locations in the Benelux by truck again. Many thanks for good cooperation with all parties involved

Transport of OHVS for largest Belgian Windfarm

Manora Logistics was in charge of the transport of the OHVS for the Norther Field Windfarm, off the Belgian coast. We arranged tugs, pontoons and documentation, and coordinated the shipment with the various parties involved.

Shipping of dredge pipes

Manora transported by truck from the customer yard, stuffed and shipped total 12 containers with dredging pipes for the UAE. A couple more similar shipments to go in next weeks