Transport of Heavy Construction Equipment from the Maladives to UAE

Screenshot 2015-05-01 18.32.06Manora Logistics organised the transport of heavy construction equipment on tracks and wheels from Male, in The Maladives to Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Due to draft restrictions in the Maladives, the cargo was hauled on pontoons alongside the vessel, and loaded on board using the ship’s gear from the m/v Borkum. Cargo loaded included wheel loaders, dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators,etc… but also some containers, gensets etc… For loading special slings and nettings were arranged to safely lift cargo on board. Due to the loading area it was a challenging task, but all went well thanks to the good cooperation between all parties : the customer, shipping line, agents, local stevedores and Manora. A big thank you therefore to all involved !

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