Transport of a jacket from Antwerp to Eemshaven

_ROM1531Manora Logistics was requested by our customer to arrange the transport of a jacket, total some 700 ton, in 3 pieces, where the tallest piece had a height of 51 meters, from the Antwerp Rightbank to Eemshaven in The Netherlands. We organised all the transport equipment, design and installation of grillage and sea fastening, ballasting operations, port activities, permits and certification etc…. In 2 days the jacket units were loaded and  firmly welded on the top of the pontoon. Thereafter some extra ballasting alongside the beautiful Scheldt River side. With fair weather, the convoy, supported by 2 tugs, left from Antwerp, and safely arrived in Eemshaven for the load in process some 2 days later. After this process, the pontoon is being cleaned, and grillage removed, after which it will be returned to the owners. Another successful project for the Manora team.