Transporting Anode Cages

Transport 40 Anode cages with a diameter of 10,4 meters for offshore windfarm in 4 single trips each 10 units.

Transition pieces for Taiwan

Loading of transition pieces, each weighing some 425 ton, and transporting to Flushing the Netherlands, where the units will be loaded on 5 vessels of Spliethoff and Jumbo in the coming months, for transport to Taiwan for a new offshore windfarm.

Loadout and transport of upper jackets parts from Spain to UK

The upper jackets, with approximate dimensions of 20 x 21 meter and 29 meter height, and weighing each 410 ton were loaded onto the vessel mv Aura in Cadiz, Spain, using an overhead crane, and safely landed and sea-fastened on a specifically designed grillage welded on deck of the vessel. The vessel thereafter sailed to Newcastle in the UK, were the units will be offloaded and further finished to be used in a UK Offshore windfarm.

A total of 10 similar trips will be performed, total 20 units of jackets to be transported in approx. 150 days time.