Delivery of Transition Pieces to Nordenham

A total of 32 transition pieces, each 260 ton, are being delivered by Manora Logistics to Nordenham in Germany. Two Peak B type vessels have been chartered, and they will shuttle 16 trips to deliver all units to the terminal, after which they will be installed in the coming weeks
on the Trianel Borkum West II Windfarm. Once the 32 x 6.2 MW turbines are operational, they will deliver sufficient electricity for over 140.000 families.

Transport of 4500 ton Topside for Hohe See

Manora Logistics organized the transport, on the barge Paula, of the Hohe See Topside, from The Hoboken site to the offshore windfarm. With 4.500 ton total weight, and 55 meters length x 30 meters height, the largest component ever transported by Manora. After arriving at the interim storage location at Eemshaven, awaiting a favorable weather window, we took the cargo offshore for installation by HMC and their Crane Vessel Thialf. Proud to see such a high tech cargo, entirely manufactured in Belgium, passing over the Scheldt, with the Antwerp Cathedral and a cruise vessel in the background !

More than 100 containers in less than one month

Over a period of a few weeks, Manora organised the transport of over 100 containers, including a lot of special equipment, from Turkey, Mexico, Panama and India to Europe and the Middle East. Manora was in charge of precarriage, customs, overseas transport and local delivery. Some shipments were time sensitive, and needed very strict follow up by our team. Manora offered a true one stop shop solution

400ft barge AMT Challenger to Hohe See Windfarm

Manora Logistics organized the transport of a 400ft barge AMT Challenger, loaded with a 2400 ton jacket, and 8 piles to the Hohe See field. The barge was equipped with grillage and seafastening at Flushing, after which the jacket was loaded together with the piles. The 95 ton BP tug Multratug 3 towed the 122 x 36 meter pontoon from Flushing to the Hohe See Field in Germany.

Transport of anode cages to various destinations

Currently Manora Logistics is arranging 6 trips with 12 upto 18 anode cages, as inland navigation in Belgium and The Netherlands. The barge Loma is loading the cages in Tessenderlo, calling for deliveries at Middelburg, Moerdijk and Rotterdam within 5 days, after which we return to Tessenderlo for loading. Many thanks to all involved.

Transport of primary steel for offshore industry

We are currently transporting 29 semi finished transition pieces from Rostock to Aalborg and Antwerp. 10 voyages with mv Northern Rock, each loaded with 3 TPs, each about 330 ton heavy, 33 m length and 6,8 m diameter. 2 trips completed successfully, and the third one now underway. An excellent cooperation with customer and vessel owner, as well as all other parties involved!

Kriegers Flak Transition Pieces

Manora Logistics organized the transport of two Transition Pieces for The Kriegers Flak project. The units were loaded in Antwerp, onto a pontoon. The heaviest section of about 650 ton was loaded with Matador 3. A few days later, the cargo was delivered to Oostende, were the units have been transferred transferred and installed onto a BOA Barge, using Matador 3 again. Manora Logistics was in charge of the transport from Hoboken to Oostende of these units.

Urgent cargo from Germany to Russia

Urgent transport of 23 units, maximum 32 ton, and max 3,6 meters wide from Volklingen, Germany, via road to Antwerp, for loading on 22 units MAFI trailers of Transfennica, overseas transport to St Petersburg and onward delivery, again by truck, to the customer in Russia, the Friday before Christmas. Just in Time delivery, so everyone could enjoy Christmas with the family. Many thanks to our partner in Russia, who asked us to arrange these deliveries on his behalf !

Material for a new wind farm

Manora organized the transport of  two Transition Pieces for a large new windfarm, from Hoboken to Oostende, both in Belgium. The heaviest section of about 650 ton was loaded with Matador 3. In the coming days we will sail with the pontoon to Oostende, were the units will be transferred and installed using Matador 3 again.

Mining Equipment to Angola

Manora successfully offloaded from HHL Valparaiso, and delivered to the customer, all the equipment for the mine and iron ore terminal in Namibe, Angola. All cargo, including shiploader (63 meters, 320 ton) and bucket reclaimer (51 meters, 527 ton) was discharged using ship’s cranes, and stored at the terminal. Project approaching now successful completion. Many thanks to all involved, and our special gratitude to the officers and crew of the HHL Valparaiso, for their enormous hard work !

One week, 489 pieces of project cargo

Within 7 days, and thanks to the hard work of many involved, we loaded vessel “Splendide” at Durban in South Africa with in total some 489 pieces,  6.500 cbm of project cargo, and 32 containers for a mining project. All cargo was packed, loaded and transported from the warehouses in South Africa to Durban by us, where it was loaded on the vessel of Breadbox for shipment to West Africa. Many thanks for good cooperation by all parties involved !

More than 70 containers full of equipment on the way

Over a period of some 2 weeks we loaded, transported from 3 different yards, and shipped +70 containers, all special equipment, loaded with dredging equipment from Batam Islands. After delivery to Singapore, all containers were loaded on Maersk vessel, and are now underway to Nhava Sheva, where they will be delivered to the CFS, stripped, and delivered by truck to the final site in India. Many thanks to our partners in Singapore and India for excellent cooperation so far !!

Bridge parts to Eemshaven

After a long period of preparation, finally we loaded two barges from Balen (Belgium) to Eemshaven (The Netherlands) of bridge parts. Two fully laden barges transported components via inland waterways. To underpass certain bridges on the canals, the barges had to take in special ballast to increase draft and decrease airdraft. This solution provided an economical solution to our customer, and was tailor made and engineered for this specific transport. Again a nice project, thank you to all who made this possible again.

More machinery to Angola

As part of an ongoing project, we loaded a shiploader in Antwerp for a mining project in Angola. The machine, measuring 63 x 19 x 27 meters, and weighing 330 ton, was lifted on board of vessel HHL Valparaiso, after driving alongside the vessel using SPMT. Together with the other equipment, including a reclaimer of 527 ton, all cargo will leave the port on board of the vessel, and will arrive in the port of Namibe about 18 days later, where we will discharge and organize the local storage of all equipment on the terminal. The crew, engineers, stevedores and representatives of manufacturers worked extremely hard and long hours these days, for a very technical job, and we are happy all large pieces were safely loaded. Many thanks to all involved in this !

6.5k tons to Angola

Manora has started the logistics for a new mining project in Africa. Currently we are packaging and bundling some 6.500 freight ton of general cargo and stuffing approx 20 containers in 2 yards in South Africa, arranging 152 truckloads to the port of Durban, temporary storage, customs clearance, loading and thereafter shipment by MPV vessel to the port of Namibe in Angola. This all managed together with our partners in South Africa. More cargo will come from The Middle East and Europe, and the entire project, consisting of about 70.000 frt of cargo, should be delivered in a few months.

Tugs and equipment on the move

We have started a demob project from Rauma to Antwerp of dredging equipment. Yesterday afternoon a 89 ton tug was lifted from the water, and landed onto a cradle. Completed with wheel loaders, excavators, and other equipments, all cargo was loaded in Rauma and arrived in Antwerp a few days later. Manora handled also the delivery to different sites in Belgium and The Netherlands. Many thanks to all for good cooperation extended !

Dredging equipment homewards

For one of our regular customers we organised the demobilisation from Ex Works Tuzla of dredging equipment, that needed to return to Belgium. All materials were stuffed locally into 10 containers, and together with one breakbulk piece delivered to Yilport, where it was loaded on a Turkon vessel, for shipment to Antwerp, and onward delivery to the site in Belgium.

Blade racks from Szczecin to Flushing

Manora was requested to arrange transport of two blade racks from Szczecin to Flushing. The units, each weighing some 60 ton, and well over 20 meter in height, were safely loaded using two shore cranes. Upon arrival in Flushing, the open hatch vessel Peak Bergen was moored alongside the installation vessel, and cargo transferred using the onboard crane of the jack up vessel. Another successful shipment, thanks to all involved !

Annual Manora dinner

Last week, some 40 guests attended the annual Manora dinner in Antwerp. Our host Mrs Dagny Ros Asmundsdottir and her team prepared an excellent dinner, and welcomed us in an exceptional location: The Dreambuilding in Antwerp. In a relaxing atmosphere, our customers could exchange ideas while enjoying the food. Thanks to everyone for making this a successful event again.

Offshore wind farm parts to the UK.

Manora arranged the transports of jacket sections for a new offshore windfarm under construction to the UK. A barge, loaded with 4 jackets, towed by a 70 ton BP tug, left from Flushing. 48 hours after departure, the tow reached Newcastle, where now it was safely moored until sections were discharged using crawler cranes. A total of 11 such trips are scheduled in the coming months. Many thanks again for the good support received from all partners in this project !

Jacket sections to Newcastle

Manora arranged the transports of jacket sections for a new offshore windfarm under construction to the UK. A barge, loaded with 4 jackets, towed by a 70 ton BP tug, left from Flushing. 48 hours after departure, the tow reached Newcastle, where now it was safely moored until sections were discharged using crawler cranes. A total of 11 such trips are scheduled in the coming months. Many thanks again for the good support received from all partners in this project!

Urgent delivery to Xinsha


Manora Logistics, together with it’s partners in China and Dubai, delivered an urgent cargo from Ras Al Khaimah to Xinsha, China, for delivery to a shipyard nearby. The cargo was loaded onto flat rack containers, and shipped with Maersk. Upon arrival, cargo was unloaded and transferred onto a pontoon, for local delivery to the yard. Another successful transport, thanks also to the good cooperation from our partners overseas!




Construction Equipment from France


Manora organized the transport of construction equipment from France to the port of Antwerp for the Aberdeen Bay project. 6 units of 36 ton, each about 7 x 7 x 6 meters, as well as another 6 bundles of steel constructions were discharged from the vessel Arctic Rock. A total of 3 voyages are scheduled and will each time start loading in For Sur Mer.





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