Urgent delivery from China to Al Jubail

1125-09As informed earlier, Manora Logistics is involved in the deliveries of equipment for a Hydrogen Peroxide Plant in Al Jubail – Saudi Arabia. We were requested by the customer, one of the world’s leading EPC contractors, to organise a urgent, last minute transport from Linhai, China to Al Jubail. They themselves called it a challenge, as planning would be very tight. Together with our partners in Asia, we arranged for two barges in the factory, while the cargo was still being painted and packed. After loading and customs clearance, the cargo was brought to Hong Kong. There the cargo was loaded midstream, direct overside onto the deep sea vessel, which took the cargo into Saudi Arabia. Careful planning, close follow up and as always a bit of luck helped us to finish this transport seamlessly ! Many thanks again to all parties who assisted in this transport.