Shipment of 2 cable reels from Australia to Europe

IMG-20140808-WA0018As part of a ongoing demobilisation project from Australia, Manora Logistics organised the return of 2 cable reels. Each reel measures 6 x 4,8 x 4,5 meters, and is full with a 1500 meters winching wire. The weight is 131,5 ton per unit. The cargo was first transported from Onslow to Fremantle, where together with our local partners, we loaded the cargo on a Spliethoff vessel to Singapore, and offloaded there for shipment on a Chipolbrok vessel to Europe. As soon as the cargo arrives in Europe, we will load it on barge, and deliver same to the customer in The Netherlands. Both pricing and timing were crucial for this project, and Manora Logistics succeeded in making the difference. A big thank you to all involved!

IMG-20140808-WA0004 IMG-20140808-WA0010