Manora provides logistics support for Greenland Ice Expedition 2014

logo-headerMuch more than a ground-breaking expedition. The Greenlad Ice Expedition by seasoned polar explorers Dixie Dansercoer & Eric McNair-Landry attempt a new world distance record in the Arctic, by completing a circumnavigation of Greenland this Spring season: 5000+ km in 80 days, using only sledges, kites and the katabatic winds. If they succeed it will be the Longest Arctic unsupported snow-kiting expedition.

This dynamic multi-generational team exudes an innovative and ambitious approach toward polar exploration. During the trip, they will also be investigating the climate of Greenland, using multiple  scientific data collection tools.
Manora facilitated the logistics for this project, delivering all equipment and foodstuffs (including temperature controlled) for the expedition by a small plane from Belgium to Kulusuk, Greenland. The expedition is to start in a few days now, and all materials have meantime arrived safely.

We wish Dixie and Eric lots of success on their long journey !