First Cargoes for Suez



DSC_0114 3The New Suez Canal is a project in Egypt to expand the existing Suez Canal, which will take place in 2014-2015. After completion, the capacity of the canal will be doubled, and the waiting time for vessels hevce reduced to about half. About 50 km of dredging works, upto a depth of 24 meters will be required. As one of the largest dredging contracts in history, a large part of the existing dredging fleet will be involved in the project in the coming months.
Several of the largest dredging companies in the world are involved in the project. Manora Logistics loaded the first cargo ex Europe for the project, ex Antwerp, for one the dredging companies, and the vessel is now well underway for discharge in Suez. Meantime we have been awarded another two contracts to be shipped in the coming weeks.



We wish our customers good luck with the execution of the project !

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